Best Entertainment for Birthday Parties


If you have older children who want an adult type party, such as a disco, then you are going to want to choose your entertainment wisely. A DJ is always a good option for any disco party, make it as real as experience as possible. The DJ will work with you to identify what type of music to play. You can also go one step ahead and order a band, a solo player who can play the latest tracks to get the children up and dancing.

For younger children, you have more entertainment options. Remember to consider the entertainment for birthday parties with care, as the children get older, they will lose interest in certain activities and entertainment varieties. So work with the entertainment company to help you choose the perfect match based on your theme.

Another fun option which is guaranteed to have a younger audience enthralled is jugglers. Jugglers who can juggle with a host of objects, or that they juggle while on a unicycle are all great and fun things for the children to watch. The jugglers will put on a show that will last at least thirty minutes, so that gives you time to put your feet up for those few minutes and have a chat to some of the other parents that have attended.

Clowns are always a good laugh and can put on a fun filled experience, but at the same time, you want to pay very careful note to the children’s ages. Clowns to very young children can be scary and to older children are just silly, you want to focus on the six to eight year age group when planning a clown to carry out the entertainment for you.

A magician will put on a delightful show of intrigue and excitement. In fact magicians can cater to children of all ages, even adults at corporate events. A magician has the ability to tailor their show based on the age group they are performing to. This makes this a great option for any child’s birthday party and is guaranteed to leave the children wondering how they did that.

More recently, one of the top choices for birthday parties is face painters. A professional face painter will be able to paint all types of faces so the children can choose who or what they want to be. It’s good fun. Though it is worthwhile to have more than one face painter at the party, so that all the children can get their new looks and still enjoy the party on the day.

It is advisable to book your entertainment for birthday parties from a reputable party specialist company. These companies have their own teams of entertainment specialists. All team members should have been checked and verified, ensuring that all children are safe at all times. The team should also be passionate about entertainment and can cater to all ages.

Choose your entertainment for birthday parties specialist with care. Do your research and learn as much as you can about them. You will also want to follow up on customer reviews and references, always ensuring that you are getting a value for money service that you can trust.