7 Las Vegas Style Entertainment Options for Your Corporate Event

Las Vegas has some pretty amazing entertainment options that are NOT located in the City of Lights and Sin. One big opportunity I gathered from this adventure was getting to know a lady by the name of Angie Rozar who shared some of the more exciting and thrilling facts about Vegas entertainment options. You might call her an expert at the less sinful aspects of the city, since she makes her dollars and donuts outside the entertainment industry in security. But she still knows her stuff!

Option #1 – Strolling Musicians

Nothing says ambiance like a trio of violinists moving from table to table during a formal dinner at your Corporate Event. Office romance, anyone? I’m betting they could inspire a kiss or two, but that isn’t the purpose of the evening, so let’s keep it professional. Enjoy the ambiance and appreciate the music. (Tips are acceptable.)

Option #2 – Elvis is In The Room

Of course, we’re going right straight to the Elvis Impersonator, because… Well, Elvis? Who else can pass from the planet and yet remain the most popular man in the room, more than forty years later? Or, if you must, I’m sure they can scare up some Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, or some other flashy impersonator to entertain your corporate squad.

Option #3 – Ballroom Band

Big Band Era is not dead and gone in Vegas. They’re alive and well there, and at your corporate event as well. We love Big Band Music because there’s brass, there’s crooning, maybe a bit of swooning, and some gallant moves from the gentlemen in the room, as they swirl their lady around the room.

Option #4 – Cover Band Classic

Here’s one of the more adventurous options, find a great cover band who present powerful hit selections from any particular era and invite them to entertain for the evening.

Option #5 – Dance Band

You can’t miss the incredible Dance Bands located in Las Vegas. They can’t be beaten, unless we’re talking Radio City, but come on, show girls dancing across the stage in city of lights style.Your team will be impressed! And when you have a show stopping band that can sing too – your Corporate Team will be so excited, they’ll be READY for the next team training opportunity.

Option #6 – Novelty Bands

You know how you can just tell, that guy’s been singing a while, and he’s really good? Novelty bands remind you of those guys, the ones who get on stage, sit on a bar stool, play their guitar, captivate an audience, and you can just turn the lights down low and absorb the sound. Amazing sounds come from their guitars, or pianos, and you feel like you fell in love all over again, when the night is done. They’re amazing.

Option #7 – Keynote Speakers

It doesn’t all have to be about music… Motivational keynote speakers that rev up your players and bring your team members home with the extra drive to accomplish goals set at the event is a major option for entertainment.

Whatever flavor your entertainment, if you want top-quality, high-end feature players, think Las Vegas Style Entertainment, when you select the feature presentation for your Corporate Team Training Event.

Choosing the Best Entertainment for Your Event

The type of event you are holding will greatly influence what entertainment you should hire. Whether it be a formal corporate function, a wedding, a 21st birthday, a family reunion or a fund raiser, you need to choose the right entertainment to suit the personalities of your guests and also the occasion. You may choose to organise the whole event yourself, including hiring the venue, choosing the food and booking the entertainment, or you may prefer to contact a party hire company and get them to handle everything. Whatever you choose the entertainment still needs careful consideration.

Formal Corporate Events

For a formal event, whether it be a black tie dinner or business orientated do, suitable entertainment needs to be arranged that is more on the conservative side. Having a roving belly dancer would not be appropriate, nor would a heavy metal rock band. You may choose to start the evening with drinks in a separate foyer and have a string quartet playing or an A Capella group singing. Your entertainment could also be in the form of ice sculptures which are positioned around the venue and are carved into shapes that best represent the evening or the company.

Themed Event

Themed events could range from an elegant formal evening, to a casual party, or day time get together. Themes are great to work to when you are planning an event because you can link everything in, from costumes, food, decorations and also your entertainment. For a corporate gathering you might choose a masquerade ball or an Arabian Nights theme. This is where hiring a belly dancer to entertain guests is appropriate, even if it’s a more formal occasion, it is acceptable within the theme. Themes open the doors to a huge range of entertainment ideas, limited only by your creativity. Choirs, face painters, story tellers, dancers, bands, puppeteers, artists or even a fire eater. The event could become quite a spectacle if you have the right theme to work with.

Step Back in Time

Similar to choosing a theme, you may want to have guests dress in period costume and have the event based around a particular decade. Guests often love to wear fancy dress and it is a fantastic way to break the ice at any party as guests will, more often than not, talk about their costume. You may choose to take your guests way back in time to ancient Rome or the Middle Ages, or you could simply choose a more recent decade, like the 1920s or 40s. When choosing an era think about how you can decorate the venue, what food would continue the theme and also what sort of music would suit. It may be a little difficult to replicate lutes and other instruments found during the time of Camelot, or it may be a little uninteresting to dance to, so perhaps you might choose some time in the 1900s. A swinging jazz band in the style of the 1920s or a big band like the 1940s would get everyone up and dancing and would be a party not easily forgotten.

What’s Your Corporate Event Entertainment IQ?

Bringing your sales training program to a corporate event maybe a great idea, but the cost of hiring a band for entertainment could be prohibitive, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Before we took our training package to the corporate event, we decided to increase our Corporate Event Entertainment IQ (CEE-IQ), and find a dynamic centerpoint, call it a solution, if you will, to the problem of high cost entertainment.

First, we found it was all about location. Creating an event in Houston’s high fashion district meant hiring bands to come long distance from Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, but we had the ultimate in convention center resources. And the weather? Even in the winter, the weather in Houston is awesome… Unless they have high water. High water can be a bit discouraging. But Houston isn’t usually under water.

So if it’s all about location… Pick that first.

Articles of Sales Training

Your best buffer for sales training is always going to be the entertainment you choose. Why? Because when the training is over, and your sales team goes home to mama for the night, they need something BIG to create a memory. They need a Las Vegas Style Lights and Music night to instill in them a kind of memory that takes them straight to the training they learned at Your Corporate Event.

The top, most profound of all Articles of Sales Training, is the music or entertainment you select to impact your CEE-IQ. The better choices of music, the more your trainees will learn and retain after the corporate event.

Of course, the next on the Articles of Sales Training would be location. I mean, are we talking warm sandy beaches, or ocean waves? Or mountains? Being a big city kind of person, I’m more likely to choose a city like Los Angeles, where oceans and mountains are close at hand. I’m gonna love those views.

Words that Sell

The next thing on that CEE-IQ is my agenda. Words chosen always make a huge difference, and when I mention on my sales brochure that we’ll be hosting a Las Vegas Style Dance Band, my people know they can expect that show-girl experience, no matter what venue we choose.

But if I choose instead to say Los Angeles Style Big Band, you can bet they’re expecting a Red Carpet event with limos, lights and celebrities. My CEE-IQ is going to include the word selection, and I’ll choose words that sell.