The Uses of Car Classifieds

In the world of cars, car classifieds are gold mines of information. Whether you are an avid collector who is looking for whatever classic model is being sold, or just the average guy looking for a good deal on his next car, car classifieds are the most common solution. Containing ads from people who want to sell their old cars and people who want to buy new ones, the wealth of information presented in these classifieds is part of the basis for the driving force of the used car world.

There are several auto classifieds out there and it isn’t hard to find one that’ll be able to give you what you’re looking for. In general, the classifieds focus more on people who put up ads for selling their cars. On the Internet, a simple registration with the website is enough to get you the right to put up an ad for your car. Viewing these ads, however, is not a problem since you can just take a look at the site without registration. Some car classifieds are specialized, dealing only in classic cars or in specific brands, like Chevrolet.

The ads tend to contain the usual information. The basics, such as the make and model of the car, what year the car was purchased, a brief description of the car’s history, and the price are all standard details to be included in your usual car classifieds ad. Some may opt to include a picture of the car in question, which inevitably helps when you’re trying to get people to buy the car you’re selling. Other details may include the mileage on the car, the upgrades or modifications it has, if any, the condition of the car, and the period the car stayed with the current owner. Obviously, anyone selling a car should leave an address, a phone number, or any appropriate contact information on the ad for prospective buyers.

With regards to buyers, most in-print car classifieds organize the cars for sale alphabetically, based on their model. That makes searching a little difficult since there can be lots of ads to go through before one finds what one wants. Online, however, is a far friendlier environment to search. The search feature on a site can be customized to search for specific models by the manufacturer within a given period, the distance from the prospective buyer as determined by his given zip code, and even the miles on the vehicle. Those options not only make searching quicker but also simplifies the process and makes it easier for prospective buyers to find the exact car they’re looking for. On some sites, you can also narrow it down to searching by price range, which further helps both buyers and sellers.

Car classifieds are, arguably, the most comprehensive listing of all used cars for sale out there and a few are expanding their repertoire to include ads from car rental companies as well. Online, some have branched into expected areas, such as ads for mechanics and for car parts. Used car dealerships are also starting to develop a presence in online and print car classifieds.

Buying and Selling Cars Using Free Classified Ads Website

Are you thinking of buying or selling Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Off Road Vehicles, Aircrafts or boats? Finding the right buyer or seller is always a challenging task. You will have to find the right source from where you can search for the automobiles of your choice and automotive items and parts.

Until few years ago when we wanted to buy cars, SUVs or trucks we had to visit the showroom and if we wanted to buy a used vehicle, then we will have to scour the newspapers looking for advertisements from the owners that sell their cars, SUVs, trucks vans or their boats. This used to be a highly time consuming task.

Those who wanted to sell their cars, motorcycles or off road vehicles, received very little exposure to their newspaper classified ads. Moreover, it cost them a lot of money. However today you can get vast exposure to your sales ads on the internet. There are number of classified ads sites where you can post your sales ad.

You will also be able to post photos of your cars and SUVs. Free classified ads websites get huge traffic and your sales ads will get highest visibility possible on the internet. Moreover, when people search for a specific model car, SUV, van, water craft boat or other automotive items and parts, there are good chances that your ad will get listed in the search results. This again will get a lot of attention from the internet users.

Online classified ad sites therefore helps both buyers and sellers. These websites create a common platform where buyers and sellers of cars, SUVs, classic cars, motorcycles can meet. You can find free classified ads websites that will allow you to get basic listings free of charge. By using a free classifieds ad site you not only get the required exposure for your sales ad but you will also be able to save a considerable amount of money.

You will be able to post your classified ads in just few clicks from the comfort of your home. The same applies to searching for the best deals on cars, motorcycles, off road vehicles, aircraft, boats, vans, trucks etc. You will be able to get the best products and deals lined up in a matter of few seconds. You cannot expect such a fast way to find the best cars deals or SUV deals.

The right place therefore to buy and sell your automobiles and automotive items and parts is to visit a reliable free classifieds website. This website allows you to post or search free classified ads using a very simple process. This is a high traffic website that will guarantee highest online exposure for your vehicles that you would like to sell.

Effective Mobile Marketing for Automotive Dealerships

Many people today are using mobile phones to browse the Internet due to their portability and convenience. According to 2012 estimates by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there are 1.1 billion active mobile broadband subscriptions in the world, which equals 16% of global population.

The proliferation of mobile Internet has made it essential for auto dealerships to conduct mobile marketing – nearly 1 in 3 customers have browsed auto dealership websites using their mobiles in 2012 (Source: J.D.Power & Associates). In this article, we will discuss about some basic methods of an effective mobile marketing campaign.

Create a mobile optimized website
Your website is a major touch point for many Internet users to get information about your dealership. A user will first visit your auto dealership website to know about the types of vehicles and services you offer. The desktop version of your website will not load properly on a mobile device, which may cause the customers to leave your website out of frustration.

In today’s competitive market, no business can afford to lose such potential customers. A mobile optimized website will enable the user to easily access your website on their mobile. Get a mobile website designed for your auto dealership and optimize it to operate well on various devices and platforms.

Know the keywords
Unlike the search done from a desktop or PC, search on mobile devices is different. People tend to type shorter search queries and also their intent will be different. Therefore, you should do separate keyword research for your mobile website to know the commonly searched terms with respect to automobiles. Properly optimizing your mobile website with those keywords enables your prospects to find your auto dealership website easily.

Place banner ads on your website
The best way to instantly communicate to the customer is to place a banner ad on your mobile website. Start with good value offering banner ads like discounts, free insurance, test drive, etc. that capture the attention of customers, instead of using marketing messages that often frustrate the customer at the very first shot. Remember to include calls to action in the ads and make sure that they are simple enough that a user can accomplish them on a mobile device.

Keep the content simple yet informative
Usage of mobile phones is all about convenience and users do not prefer to read big chunks of content on them. Keep content on your website simple, brief and above all informative. Users should be able to understand the content at a glance as they scan through the content rather than reading it.

Focus on usability of the web design
Your auto dealership will have different products at different price ranges. There will be a different set of customers for each segment. If you give information about all products in a single page, the customers will find it difficult to find the product they need. Creating separate categories on your website will make it easy for customers as they can easily navigate to their preferred category page with a few clicks. Segment your customers properly, and create different categories on your website for products based on features and prices.

Proper maintenance of mobile websites
Creating and maintaining a mobile website is not a single time effort. You need to continuously monitor the website for any kind of issues like long page load times, compatibility problems, broken links, etc. to ensure good user experience. Continuous effort to improve your mobile website will create a better brand image for your automotive dealership.

Following these tips is more likely to help you make your mobile marketing effective. Effective mobile marketing will act as a lead generator and will increase your automobile sales.